Disturbance at Redneck Mud Park; Death Investigation – Updated 3/27

On Saturday, March 23, at approximately 11:00pm, an altercation occurred near the main stage area at the Redneck Mud Park. The disturbance was handled by the private security team hired by the facility for their event.

A 27 year old male involved in the altercation was treated by EMS for injuries and transported to the hospital where he was declared deceased. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is now conducting a death investigation. Detectives with the Major Crimes Unit have obtained some videos recorded during the altercation but are aware that more exist.

Detectives are requesting witnesses turn over any videos that might have been recorded during the altercation between several guests and members of the security staff on Saturday evening.

If you have video you are willing to provide the detectives, please contact us at 941-575-5361 or majorcrimes@ccso.org. You can also send us a message through Facebook.

The victim’s name is being held at this time under Marsy’s Law pending further investigation.

Update 3/25/19: This investigation is still active and ongoing. The cause of death is still undetermined and is pending the medical examiner’s review. Detectives are still requesting video and/or statements from anyone who witnessed the fight that occurred around 11:00pm near the main stage. Please call the Major Crimes Unit at 941-575-5361 or email majorcrimes@ccso.org. Videos can also be sent through Facebook (we understand some files were too large for email). 

Update 3/27/19: The deceased person is Ramon A. Muino, Jr. (7/12/91) of Clewiston, Florida. His identity was initially withheld to protect the family from being located or harassed during the initial investigation. At this time, the autopsy has been completed and the cause of death is still pending toxicology results. These results typically take several weeks. 

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  1. There is a video on snap chat, if you check the snap chat map of a group of guys saying they knocked someone out.

  2. That place should be closed down there’s always underage people drinking , fights it’s just a awful place for anyone to go to cause half of them go there can’t handle their alcohol

  3. Prayers go out to the victims family. Put a group of rednecks together who have been drinking all day and operating machinery (a bad combo to begin with) add sparse private security and you are asking for disaster. Please, please shut this place down.

  4. Got to love people want to shut something.down that people want to have fun at people make mistakes every day so why shut it down would you rather them go out and tear up your yards and fields because every place they have to go is shut down because of some issues wow think about it people
    And prays to who ever it was I was there and didnt get there tell they was carrying someoff

  5. Investigate the security team. There have been numerous incidents where they use excessive force or even initiate a problem…as if looking for a fight. They act as if its their personal “fight club”
    Even if they’re not directly to blame for this death, if the security team is allowed to continue with unprofessional, aggresive behavior, they will hurt more people.

  6. In the end that was someone’s loved one that died! Whatever happened to respecting that family? RIP Sir. Prayers to the family.

  7. You sign a waiver to get in so why should it be shut down that’s stupid if you don’t feel safe going don’t go period

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