Downtown Punta Gorda Standoff

March 22, 2023 – Punta Gorda, FL

Charlotte County Deputies were notified by Collier County Sheriff’s Office with credible intelligence that a criminal suspect identified as James Alan Currie (10/03/71), wanted for several charges to include armed burglary, theft of a firearm, and grand theft, was in Punta Gorda.

Charlotte County deputies utilized investigative technology to locate the suspect driving in the area of US 41 and Tuckers Grade. Once the deputy made visual confirmation of the driver a felony traffic stop was attempted on the 2020 Gray GMC Sierra in the parking lot at 145 E Marion Ave.

James Alan Currie (10/03/71)

At this time, Currie pulled into the parking lot, then made an evasive maneuver around a fence post, continued driving south on Herald Court, and was eventually cornered in the parking lot of 103 W. Marion Ave.

Currie was given verbal commands to show his hands and exit the vehicle to which he ignored. As the deputy held Currie at gunpoint waiting for backup, Currie was observed chugging from a Patron Silver bottle and Bud Light can. A rapport was built with Currie, however, he still refused to exit the vehicle and began falling asleep while speaking to deputies. After a 3-hour standoff, Currie started the vehicle and drove about 30 feet towards the parking lot exit before coming to a complete stop after running over a stop stick. Currie was given multiple commands to exit the vehicle. Eventually a taser was deployed by members of SWAT and Currie was taken into custody.

Currie was taken to a local hospital due to a minor injury and transported to the Charlotte County Jail shortly after.

Within Currie’s GMC Sierra, deputies located a total of 4 loaded firearms including 1 rifle and 3 handguns.

“I am incredibly impressed with the professionalism, courage, tact and teamwork my deputies and PGPD Officers showed during this standoff. Being able to locate this dangerous individual so quickly while keeping the community safe was no easy feat. James Currie will now face justice in Charlotte and Collier Counties,” says Sheriff Bill Prummell.

James Alan Currie (10/03/71) is facing the following charges in Charlotte County:

  • Operating a Motor Vehicle with a suspended/revoked driver’s license (3rd or more)
  • Fail to Register Motor Vehicle
  • Fleeing to Elude
  • Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon x4
  • Possession Ammunition by Convicted Felon x4

James was also issued a Criminal Uniform Traffic Citation for driving while license suspended, Unregistered motor vehicle, and Driving Under the Influence with a mandatory court appearance.

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