Charlotte County Jail Hurricane Ian Update

Charlotte County, FL - October 4, 2022 The Charlotte County Jail sustained damage during Hurricane Ian. None of the main structures were damaged; however, there were multiple issues with electricity, water, minimal flooding, and fan units ripped from the roof. During this event, all the detainees were secured in their housing areas and multiple detention deputies were... Continue Reading →

Unlicensed Construction Work is a Felony

Charlotte County, FL- October 2, 2022 A State of Emergency was declared by Gov. Ron DeSantis on Sept. 23, 2022, as a result of Hurricane Ian. Any person who does work without the correct licensure during a state of emergency may be charged with a felony. Per Florida Statute 489.127(2)(c): “Any unlicensed person who commits... Continue Reading →

CCSO Administrative Lines Functional

October 4, 2022 - Charlotte County, FL The administrative phone lines of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office have been restored. Please use (941) 639-2101 for non-emergency situations and 911 for emergencies. Please discontinue using any alternate numbers that were provided following Hurricane Ian. "We are slowly working our way back to normalcy. We know there... Continue Reading →

Charlotte County Curfew Amended

The curfew for Charlotte County has been amended to 10pm - 6am, effective immediately. As the county continues to recover and areas become safer, the need for the curfew fluctuates. At this time, after evaluating the state of the county, Sheriff Prummell has made the decision to reduce the original mandate. "I know the curfew... Continue Reading →

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