Sexting: Education and Prevention

We've noticed some confusion in social media comments about the current state law on sexting. The safety and well-being of the youth in our community is always a top priority - please read about our civil citation program and how it will help promote education about the problem to encourage prevention. 

Two Overdoses Lead to Search Warrant; Arrests

On January 11, 2018, Charlotte County deputies responded to two separate overdose incidents involving heroin in Punta Gorda. The overdose calls occurred during the 3:00pm hour and were within 2 miles of each other. In both cases, Charlotte County EMS personnel responded and utilized NARCAN for lifesaving measures. Due to the close proximity and similar... Continue Reading →

Tech Support Scams

How the Scam Works Scammers may call, place alarming pop-up messages on your computer, offer free “security” scans, or set up fake websites – all to convince you that your computer is infected. The scammers try to get you on the phone, and then work to convince you there’s a problem. Finally, they ask you... Continue Reading →

Safety Starts At Your Front Door

Your home should be a safe place, a refuge from the outside world. Safety begins at your door: Keep entrances and outdoor areas well-lit. Make sure main entrances are visible from the street and from your neighbors' homes. Keep doors and windows locked. Doorknobs should be at least 40 inches away from glass windows. Have... Continue Reading →

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