Registering Your Alarm in Charlotte County

More than 95% of the intrusion alarms received within Charlotte County are false. Responding to preventable false alarms presents a serious threat to the effectiveness of our Sheriff's Office and the safety of County citizens. False alarms are costly and dangerous because they divert deputies from proactive crime prevention efforts and delay responses to calls... Continue Reading →

Virtual Kidnapping Scam

A "Virtual Kidnapping Scam" was attempted this weekend here in our county. The scammers were armed with a wealth of personal information on the subject (likely gleaned from social media). A second attempt was reported to us this morning, so it is a good time to review this scam so that our community is armed... Continue Reading →

E911 Coordinator Sworn in as President of National Emergency Number Association’s Florida Chapter

Laurie Anderson, the E911 Coordinator for the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, was sworn in as President of the National Emergency Number Association's (NENA) Florida Chapter on Thursday evening. NENA: The 9-1-1 Association improves 911 through research, standards development, training, education, outreach, and advocacy. As a member of the organization, Anderson has access to over 12,000... Continue Reading →

Medication Assisted Treatment Services at the Charlotte County Jail

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Corizon Health Services, and Charlotte Behavioral Health have recently joined into an agreement to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services to inmates incarcerated within the jail facility. This MAT service focuses on individuals that are opiate dependent, and my benefit from medication such as Vivitrol to assist in successful recovery. ... Continue Reading →

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