“We Are the Good Guys” Video Challenge

Charlotte County is answering a challenge from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department! The "Good Guy Challenge" references a song written by their very own Sgt. Henry Particelli. Proceeds from the sale of this song benefit The Good Guys Foundation which helps both fallen Officer's families and living Law Enforcement Officers with special needs. The song is available on... Continue Reading →

Marsy’s Law and the Rights of Victims

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell As of late, there has been a lot of discussion on Amendment 6, which expanded the rights of victims as set forth in Article 1, section 16 of the Florida Constitution. It established basic rights that attach at the time of the victimization. The language in the amendment clearly indicates... Continue Reading →

The Weight of the Badge

When Sheriff Prummell heard this song by George Strait, he was inspired to share it with our community, accompanied by glimpses of what it means to selflessly serve others as a member of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. Please enjoy. George Strait"Weight of the Badge" https://youtu.be/vL6MKsLei58 This video is also available to watch and share... Continue Reading →

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