Trafficking, Possession, VOP, OH MY!

Two previously convicted felons were arrested for a multitude of charges ranging from violation of probation to trafficking heroin. Shayne Boomhower (09/04/1986) and passenger John Ohle (04/08/1980) were taken into custody during a traffic stop on December 30, 2019. While conducting the traffic stop, a Narcotics Detective observed numerous syringes throughout the vehicle with one... Continue Reading →

Buzzed Driving, is Drunk Driving

Distracted and impaired driving are more prevalent this time of year. Whether you are heading to dinner or home from a celebration, please remember to drive sober. It's important to be at our best when behind the wheel. In the month of December in Charlotte County there were 469 crashes with 12 confirmed to be... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Charlotte County

Sheriff Bill Prummell and the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as well as a safe and happy New Year. We are truly grateful for such a kind and generous community that we have the privilege and honor to serve. We have accomplished many wondrous things together and... Continue Reading →

Truck Submerged in Jail Pond

Tristin Murphydob 4/11/1984 It was Tuesday evening when a detention officer observed a pick-up truck floating in the catfish pond located in front of the Charlotte County Jail. The detention officer then observed a man standing by the pond watching as the truck sunk to the bottom. This man was later identified as Tristin Murphy... Continue Reading →

Murder Indictment

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell and State Attorney Amira Fox announced today that the Charlotte County Grand Jury indicted Ryan Clayton Cole for First Degree Murder, First Degree Burglary and Burglary of a Dwelling. Cole is formally charged with murdering a 15 year old boy during the commission of a burglary of a Port Charlotte... Continue Reading →

International SWAT Awards

Members of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team recently attended SWAT Round-Up International (SRI), which is a competitive training event hosted by the Florida SWAT Association (FSA) in Orange County, Florida . This event is open to certified police SWAT teams, 58 teams from around the world participate. SRI is a... Continue Reading →

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