Medication Assisted Treatment Services at the Charlotte County Jail

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Corizon Health Services, and Charlotte Behavioral Health have recently joined into an agreement to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services to inmates incarcerated within the jail facility. This MAT service focuses on individuals that are opiate dependent, and my benefit from medication such as Vivitrol to assist in successful recovery.  Medications, such as Vivitrol, blocks the effects of opioid medications, and helps stop the feeling or urge to take opioids.

The MAT services also include preparing the inmates for successful re-entry into the community by addressing current medical needs and the underlying Substance Use Disorders.  Individuals identified as possible candidates for the MAT program are referred to the program, and screened both medically and psychologically for appropriateness. All approved participants are provided community treatment plan services that provide individual, group, or family counseling upon release through Charlotte Behavioral Health.

The goal of this plan is to help prepare the inmates and expedite the delivery of medication services prior to their re-entering into the community.  By identifying and screening the inmate prior to release and providing the medication prior to re-entry, the inmate can more effectively be prevented from further opioid use and remain in longer term treatment and ultimately reduce recidivism back into incarceration.

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