Defendant in Child Pornography Case Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Everett Grubb (11/21/61) was sentenced on Thursday for several charges stemming from a 2016 arrest. CCSO Detective Donald Woelke, assigned to the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force, arrested Grubb after an investigation into his online file sharing activities.

Everett Grubb

During the 2016 investigation Detective Woelke located a computer during an Internet undercover operation that was using P2P (computer to computer) software on the Internet to traffic in child pornography. P2P networks are frequently used in the trading of child pornography. In this case, a computer in Charlotte County, Florida was observed sharing suspected child pornography files. The IP address of the computer was found to be registered to Everett Grubb, with a listed address of 21012 Randall Avenue in Port Charlotte.

A search warrant was conducted on Grubb’s residence in May of 2016. Three laptops were seized, containing over 140 thumbnail images of child pornography, and 481 downloaded child pornography images and videos. All three laptops had software installed that is designed to periodically erase data.

A collaborative effort between the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, The FBI Child Exploitation Task Force, and the State Attorney’s Office led to Grubb facing charges on One Count of Computer Pornography and Ten Counts of Possession of Child Pornography. Everett Grubb entered an open plea and on Thursday, June 7, was sentenced to 10 years in Prison followed by 5 years of Sex Offender Probation.

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