Traffic Operation Targets Speeding Motorcycles; Air Unit Assists

A suspect who fled a traffic stop on his motorcycle discovered there was one member of the Sheriff’s Office fleet he couldn’t outrun – because they can fly! That suspect, tracked by our aviation unit, was arrested during a two day traffic enforcement operation targeting speeding motorcycles. The operation was put together in response to multiple complaints for motorcycles speeding in the Port Charlotte area.

CCSO Motor Units

The operation was organized by the STAR (Strategic Target Area Response) Team. Traffic and Aviation Units assisted in the operation, which took place Thursday and Friday evening (9/20-21). In total, 12 motorcycles were stopped during the operation for speeding violations.


Michael Ransom (12/18/88)

On Thursday evening, a member of the Traffic Unit attempted to stop Michael Alex Ransom (12/18/88) at Tamiami Trail and Hancock for his speed, 88mph in a 45mph zone. Ransom, operating a dark blue Suzuki motorcycle, fled from the Deputy at a high rate of speed. The Deputy did not pursue the motorcycle due to safety concerns, however the Aviation Unit was able to follow Ransom into Punta Gorda and continue to provide it’s location. Ransom fled to N. Fairway Drive in Punta Gorda and parked under a tree. He then drove into the front of a deputy’s vehicle as he tried to flee a second time once deputies arrived in the area.

Michael Ransom was arrested for Reckless Driving, Fleeing to Elude, and No Motorcycle Endorsement.

Operations like this are part of our agency’s effort to maintain safe roadways for the residents and visitors of Charlotte County. Reckless driving, or a disregard for rules of the road, can cause accidents and sometimes serious injury. If you observe a reckless driver, report it to law enforcement immediately.

The Sheriff’s Office also encourages the public to submit information regarding areas of the county that may need additional traffic enforcement. You can do that on our website by clicking here.


Katie Heck
Public Information Officer
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office



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  1. I’m so happy that the Sheriff is doing this as it’s been a big issue for a long time.

    Great job by the Sheriff and his Deputies.

  2. Its about time. Motorcycles have been getting away with everything from speed and reckless driving to no mufflers. Why dosnt LEO enforce muffler issues, those of us in cars need too.

  3. I ride a motorcycle but am glad to see this happen. There are more bikes and cars that should be caught also!

  4. You are aware Florida is a no inspection state correct? You don’t need mufflers on cars either. This seems like a waste of money and resources. What $500 an hour for helicopter for a speeding ticket. Insane why don’t you focus your task force off the Walmart in north fort myers where everyone is selling there drugs. That seems like a much better use of resources.

    1. Unfortunately, we can not focus our resources on North Fort Myers as we are the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. We do focus resources on enforcing traffic laws to make our roads as safe as possible for everyone using them.

  5. I almost laughed at Drew’s comment. At the bikers speed he could have killed himself or someone else, $500 dollars for a saved life.

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