Theft Suspect Identified After Uber Driver Sees Social Media Post

A suspect in a grand theft was identified and arrested after his Uber driver observed a post about theft on the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Scott Joseph Humbert (8/31/92) is charged with Grand Theft for an incident that occurred at Lone Star Pawn in Port Charlotte.

Surveillance photo of Humbert that was posted to the CCSO Facebook Page

According to the victim, Humbert arrived at Lone Star Pawn on November 6th, attempted to pawn a GoPro, and left the business. An store inventory later in the day revealed three pieces of jewelry were missing from the counter display. The victim reviewed the store’s video surveillance footage and observed Humbert pry open the glass counter and remove the jewelry.

Detectives reviewed the footage and additionally observed that Humbert arrived at the Pawn Shop as a passenger in a vehicle driven by an older male. That male’s photo was also posted to the CCSO Facebook Page with a request to the public to assist in identifying both.

Scott Humbert’s booking photo,

Within an hour of posting the photos, the older male contacted the Sheriff’s Office, advising he was a local Uber driver and had no involvement in any crime. He quickly made contact with detectives and cooperated with the investigation. The second male, observed in the video removing the jewelry from the cases, was identified as Scott Humbert through Uber records.

Scott Humbert was located by detectives. He provided a statement prior to his arrest on the charge of Grand Theft. Humbert was processed at the Charlotte County Jail and is now out on bond.


The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the quick response of the witness in this case. When photos are posted in an effort to identify suspects and involved persons, our social media followers should note that the person’s involvement may not be determined at the time of the posting, unless it is stated that the photo is of a suspect. 


Katie Heck
Public Information Officer
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office



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  1. The uber driver was part of this he wasn’t a hero He gave Scott drugs sold him drugs Scott was in that store because the uber driver told him if he didn’t get his money the people will come for him This wasn’t an uber driver being a good samertian He got him high and brought him there I have pictures of Scott in a hospital in Fort Lauderdale with this guy named Bill If he was just an umber driver Why would he be in Ft Laurdale with him. He knew Scott was in recovery and sold him drugs

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