Take Me Home Program Aids in Returning Lost Persons to Loved Ones

Take Me Home is a program designed to assist those who are unable to speak for themselves by providing information to law enforcement for people with special needs such as (but not limited to) Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism or Down Syndrome. The ability to add your loved one’s information to this database has recently become easier with the roll out of our CCSO mobile app, in which the application can be completed and a cell phone photo can be attached. Registration can also be completed through the online application on our website.

Information is stored in our computer system and is only accessible by Deputies or 911 operators. If your loved one has gone missing and they are signed up in the program, dispatch can immediately send the submitted photo and description out to law enforcement – before they even arrive to your home. This information can also be searched if a Deputy makes contact with a participant prior to them being reported as missing. If the Deputy is concerned about the subject, they can provide the description to dispatchers who will search the database for any participants who match the description. The Deputy can then make contact with the subject’s caregivers and ensure they get home safely.

This is not a tracking program (such as Project Lifesaver), which is also available to individuals who meet the criteria. Take Me Home is free to all Charlotte County citizens.

The application is available online by clicking this link. Additional questions can be directed to the Project Lifesaver Coordinator, Tammy Wilkie, at 941-575-5345.

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