Parents of Deceased 14-Month-Old Arrested After Investigation

The parents of a recently deceased 14-month-old are now in custody after an investigation into the child’s death and the health of the other children in the home. Kenneth Adams (DOB 11/21/85) and Brittaney Williams (DOB 7/19/93) were arrested this afternoon, each charged with two counts of Aggravated Abuse and Neglect of a Child with Great Bodily Harm and two counts of Aggravated Abuse and Neglect of a Child without Great Bodily harm.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Adam’s home in Punta Gorda on April 24th for a report of an unresponsive child. Charlotte County Fire & EMS attempted lifesaving measures prior to the determination that the child was deceased. At the time of treatment, the deceased child was estimated to be 5 months old and weigh approximately 10 pounds. It was later confirmed the child was 14 months old, weighing 7.25 pounds. The child’s cause of death is not being released at this time and is still under investigation.

During the initial response, deputies on scene noted deplorable living conditions inside the residence. The three other children on scene were observed to be wearing only diapers, which were hanging very low due to being soiled. Dirt and dried feces were also observed smeared on their bodies.

Detectives with the Major Crimes Unit responded to investigate the death of the 14 month old. The Department of Children and Families also responded and removed the other three children from the home after conducting their own initial evaluation.

Detectives noted a strong smell of urine throughout the home and observed several puddles of urine on the floor. There was no clear walkway through the residence as all of the floors including bedrooms were littered with food, trash, garbage, feces, urine, dirty diapers, and laundry. A BB gun was observed resting on a chair accessible to the children and evidence of a rat infestation was noted in a bedroom. Walls and furniture were smeared with feces and exposed electrical wires were within reach of the children. Marijuana and knives were among the items littering the tops of dressers along with open food containers, bowls, trash, and silverware.

Photographs were taken of the conditions inside the home and additional dangers and health concerns were noted in the detective’s report.
Both parents are unemployed and stated they are home throughout the day. Some of the photos taken inside the home during the investigation are posted below.

On April 25, the children were interviewed by the Child Protective Team in Ft. Myers. During the interview, it was determined by the Forensic Interviewer that one of the children was non-verbal, has cognitive and developmental delays and is cross-eyed. This could cause permanent damage and loss of vision. With routine medical care, this impairment could have been corrected. Detectives received information that none of the children, including the deceased child, receive any medical care and were behind on all immunizations. All of the children demonstrated cognitive and developmental delays.

The DCF Investigator reported that contact was made with Brittaney Williams on April 5, 2018 on an unannounced visit from Healthy Start, at which time she declined any of their services.

Due to the emaciated state of the deceased child, the lack of any medical care, the refusal of free health services, and not seeking any medical care for the deceased child, Kenneth Adams and Brittaney Williams are charged with Aggravated Abuse and Neglect of a Child With Great Bodily Harm.

Additionally, due to the totality of the circumstances to include the refusal of seeking medical treatment for the obvious medical disability to the vision of their child which, based on the opinion of medical experts, will cause great bodily harm and or permanent disability or disfigurement, Kenneth Adams and Brittaney Williams are charged with a second count of Aggravated Abuse and Neglect of a Child With Great Bodily Harm.

Two additional counts of Aggravated Abuse and Neglect of a Child Without Great Bodily Harm Due are charged for the other two children due to the observed living conditions, refusal of seeking routine medical care, professional interviews describing both children as developmentally and cognitively delayed, and the home being dangerous, unclean, and hazardous to the health of the children.

Kenneth and Brittaney Williams were arrested and transported to the Charlotte County Jail for the above listed charges. Booking photos will be posted to and our mobile app when they are available.

The Florida Abuse Hotline accepts reports 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of known or suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment and reports of known or suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a vulnerable adult. To make a report you can –

If you suspect or know of a child or vulnerable adult in immediate danger, call 911.

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  1. So sad no one noticed the children praying that the remaining children go to good homes

  2. We as a community have to report odd, awkward living conditions and observations of neglect, abuse and filth. We have to step up to save these children too, not turn away. Prayers of health and rrecovery for theses children.

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