Operation Knot Lit Results

Operation Knot Lit, a Florida Sheriff’s Association strategic DUI/BUI initiative with 33 Florida counties participating, ran from July 3rd through July 7th. This initiative focused on education and enforcement of Florida’s roads and waterways to ensure the safety of our commuters. This operation resulted in the issuance of 3,105 warnings, 3,144 traffic/boating citations being issued, 8,596 dedicated hours of enforcement and 892 arrests on various charges were made. Community notification and citizen education was the focal point.

“Amplifying the safety on our roads and waterways is crucial for all Floridians and those who visit the Sunshine State,” said FSA President and Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter. “The dedicated enforcement of state laws that deal with driving or boating under the influence and being wreckless behind the wheel will help to keep us all safe.”

The following are the statewide totals: • 3,105 warnings issued: o 2,827 unlawful speed / speed zone (boat) violations o 278 careless driving / boating • 3,144 uniform traffic / boating citations issued: o 1,679 for unlawful speeding o 1,199 traffic control device violations o 104 boat regulatory violations o 162 boat safety violations • 8,596 hours dedicated during enforcement period • 892 arrests (applicable F.S.S.) o 196 driving under the influence o 11 boating under the influence o 685 person taken into custody for other criminal charges • 144 social media, sign messages and related communications developed and put out to citizens • 883 citizen education efforts conducted through operation.

“Sheriff’s offices from across Florida impress me during each Task Force initiative, and Operation Knot Lit did not disappoint,” said Charlotte County Sheriff William Prummell, Jr. and Chair of the FSA Task Force. “The commitment and cooperation by each sheriff’s office to keep our drivers, boaters and passengers safe is commendable. Florida is safer today due to this hard work.”

Operation Knot Lit contributes to two of the FSA business operations goals: to foster effective law enforcement and crime prevention and to promote the activities of Sheriffs.

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