Preventing Overdose Through Safe Disposal of Medications and Seeking Help for Addiction

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. It is important to remember that prevention is a critical element to reduce addiction and overdose. Safely disposing of unused medications is one prevention step we all can take.

Do your part for a safe community and a clean environment!

• Monitor pills, keep track of refills, and control access. Most people who abuse prescriptions get them from family and friends.
• Secure pills well, preferably in a locked cabinet. Reduce drug abuse, curb theft, and prevent overdose and accidental poisoning.
• Dispose of unused medications at the permanent disposal sites. Flushing medications down the toilet or throwing them in the trash may be hazardous to people and animals.
• Take only medications prescribed to you, as directed by your physician. It is illegal to sell, give away, or otherwise share a prescription with others, including family members.
• Talk to your teens about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. Parents are the biggest influence in their teens’ life.
• Learn more about ways you can help – visit

You can also safely dispose of unused over-the-counter and prescription medications at any of the four permanent prescription drug disposal sites in Charlotte County:


The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is also working to eliminate drug addiction in our community through the Drug Recovery Initiative. Drugs have a major impact on crime and we know that we can not arrest our way out of the drug crisis. Sheriff Bill Prummell recognizes that addiction is a disease and those suffering in our community need help. Those seeking assistance can bring their user amount of drugs to any district office or call deputies to their location. Through a partnership with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care​, deputies will bring that person to detox free of charge, without fear of arrest.

Please help us spread the word. Help is just a call away. Together, we are making a difference.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office: 941-639-0013
Charlotte Behavioral Health Care (CBHC): 941-639-8300
CBHC Crisis Line: 941-575-0222

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