Suspect in Custody after Publix Armed Robbery

Just before 6 pm on April 6th, a suspect walked into the Publix located at 1500 Placida Road in Englewood. The suspect was wearing a homemade face mask and baseball cap. After walking into the store, the suspect approached the Customer Service desk where he had inquired about purchasing lottery tickets.

After posting several photos of the suspect on social media, many tips were received. These tips led to the positive identification of suspect, Karl Minott (05/03/1954).

Karl Minott (dob 05/03/1954)

After leaving the service desk, Minott approached an individual in one of the store isles demanding her to hand over money. During this interaction, Minott had a small caliber semi-automatic weapon pointed at the victim.

Minott ordered the victim to lay down as he proceeded to walk out of the store. After a few moments, the victim notified Publix employees to the incident and the Sheriff’s Office was called.

” There is no excuse for breaking the law,” states Sheriff Bill Prummell after Major Crimes Detectives took Minott into custody.

Between witness statements and the communities assistance, Minott was identified and subsequently arrested on the following charges:

  • (F.S.S 812.13 (2)a) Robbery with a Firearm
  • (F.S.S 790.053) 2 counts of Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • (F.S.S 775.0845) Wearing mask while committing offense

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