Domestic incident, Harbor Boulevard

Charlotte County, FL-

UPDATE 5/20/20

What started out as a family argument over loud music, turned into one brother fleeing to safety. While Lij Amanti Genus-Christian was listening to music, another family member began yelling at him for the music being too loud. A firearm was then brandished leading to Lij Amanti Genus-Christian utilizing a guitar as he battered the man.

As this argument turned physical, Sethi Yahmi Genus-Christian pulled out a rifle and discharged a round inside the home in an attempt to break up the altercation. The round grazed Lij Amanti Genus-Christian on the back of the neck causing non-life threatening injuries. Lij Amanti then fled the residence ending up at a local convenience store where he had the owner call for help.

As deputies arrived on scene, they noticed Sethi Yahmi running from the front of the residence into the back where while conducting a security sweep, deputies located a military style rifle in the vacant lot behind the home.

The scene was secured, and both Sethi Yahmi Genus-Christian and the other suspect at the time, were detained as deputies conducted their investigation.

After a thorough investigation, brothers Sethi Yahmi Genus-Christian and Lij Jamanti Genus-Christian are charged.

SETHI YAHMI GENUS-CHRISTIAN is charged with Aggravated Battery / Person Uses a Deadly Weapon.

His brother, LIJ JAMANTI GENUS-CHRISTIAN was charged with Battery by Intentional Touch or Strike.


Both were transported to the Charlotte County Jail.


5/19/2020 Around 11am today, there was a 9-1-1 call placed to dispatch. The call was made by a local convenience store employee reporting a shooting. The victim had fled to the convenience store to call for help, after an argument ensured at a residence on Harbor Boulevard.

At this time, there are two suspects detained. Charges are pending following the criminal investigation.

There is no danger to the neighborhood or surrounding areas. The victim has been taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

This post will be updated as information is released.

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