Community discussion lays groundwork for body cams

All throughout the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, day in and day out, we live by our core values of “Integrity, Professionalism, and Trust.”  Whether on duty, or off, our staff is held to a higher standard as they represent our office, and the profession of law enforcement collectively.

“All of us at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the citizens we serve, are concerned about the integrity of the agency and we are justifiably proud of the service that we provide the community.”

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Misconduct on behalf of this office is thoroughly investigated by our Internal Affairs Unit, providing citizens, supervisors, and employees a fair mechanism to address their complaints regarding their local law enforcement.

We know that accountability and transparency is the goal for all, and we remain committed to providing professional service. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the community and proactively and peacefully communicating to resolve concerns and make any necessary changes, including the implementation of body cameras.

Extensive research, policies and procedures, and financial conversations are necessary to integrate body cameras into standard procedure. We ask for patience as we begin to explore the implementation of such cameras for all certified deputies within our office.

“Dialogue and mutual respect are the keys to building relationships between the black community and local government. I look forward to working with Sheriff Prummell and my commission colleagues to explore ways to ensure we have the resources to employ best practices in protecting people and their property,” states Commissioner Bill Truex.

Body worn cameras can be beneficial for all parties involved as they can provide accountability.  However, there are many factors that need to be examined before a roll out can happen and we are in the beginning stages of this comprehensive task.

We ask for your continued faith, in our agency. Rest assured that your voices are heard, your concerns are valid and together we are making a difference within our community.

To make a complaint against an employee of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, you may:

  • Come in person to any of our facilities located throughout the County; or
  • Call the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number (941) 639-2101 and request a supervisor; or
  • Mailing comments directly to the Internal Affairs Section at 7474 Utilities Road, Punta Gorda, Florida 33982; or
  • E-mail Internal Affairs –

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