Sheriff Prummell Discusses Proposed Traffic Unit Additions

From the desk of Sheriff Bill Prummell

Sheriff Bill Prummell

As your Sheriff, I am tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the safety of our community and addressing community concerns. As such, I rely on multiple sources of information to make determinations about the allocation of resources designed to mitigate any problems, i.e., personnel, equipment, etc.

Traffic-related issues have been the most prevalent concerns amongst our community as evidenced by surveys and statistics, which show a rise in traffic crashes, traffic-related calls for service and citizen complaints.  In fact, a few days ago I took part in a virtual forum and the only question asked of me was about traffic.

Currently, our staffing does not provide the coverage necessary to be as proactive with this concern throughout the county as we would like. So, in this budget submission, I’ve added staff to the Traffic Unit in hopes of having positive effects on the safety of the roads we all travel. As always, our main goal in any traffic- related stop will be to educate the public about the importance of driving safe and respecting others on our roads.

Thank you.

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