Quite literally, Caught with his Pants Down

Charlotte County, FL-

Charlotte County deputies conducted an investigation into unlawful sexual activity within the Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park, located at 15801 Tamiami Trail in Punta Gorda

Mark S. Durgin

Upon arrival, a deputy observed a white male wearing a red shirt and blue shorts. The white male, later identified as Mark Steven Durgin (06-10-53) walked down a trail in front of the deputy. As Durgin continued down the trail, he continuously looked over his shoulder to ensure the deputy was still following him, what seemed to be in a prompting manner. As Durgin was followed, he was observed walking off the trail into a lightly wooded and secluded area.

As the deputy walked off the trail in Durgin’s direction, Durgin, who was still wearing his red shirt, however his shorts and underwear were at his ankles with his penis completely exposed and in his hand masturbating. This activity occurred in the public park where people are free to walk the trails as they please.

Durgin advised he was looking for a “friend”. More small talk took place as Durgin continued to masturbate. Durgin then moved closer to the deputy and began to unlatch his belt.

At this time, the deputy advised Durgin to pull his pants up and move towards the trail. Durgin was also advised that he had been speaking with an undercover detective with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Mark Steven Durgin (06-10-53) was subsequently arrested on the following charges:

  • Battery by Intentional Touch or Strike
  • Exposure of Sexual Organs

To report suspicious activity, please call the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at (941)-639-0013.

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