Narcotics Arrest Makes for Sad Birthday

While traveling in the area of Tamiami Trail & Rio Villa. Punta Gorda, a member in an undercover vehicle witnessed a white Chevy 4-door roll through the posted stop bar and onto Tamiami Trail North. After continuing to follow the vehicle, it darted across three lanes (within 100 ft of the intersection) and turned right onto Aqui Esta. A marked unit was able to conduct a traffic stop near the intersection of Aqui Esta & Cooper St.

While members were approaching the vehicle, the passenger (Michael Goff / 8/21/77) was seen moving frantically and reaching under the passenger seat. Consent to search the vehicle was denied and K9 Shadowbird obtained a positive alert via a free air sniff on the passenger door seam. After conducting a search of the vehicle, an orange “seal gear” bag was located under the passenger seat, which contained the following items:

171.26 grams of Methamphetamine, 25 Dilaudid, 1 Oxymorphone, 3 Suboxone Strips, a scale, and 1 Hydrocodone.

Michael was then searched and a small baggie of methamphetamine with a glass smoking pipe was located inside his pockets. Inside Michael’s back pocket, he had several folded zip-lock baggies (½ size). These baggies were identical to what 4 of the ounces were packaged in. A roll of black electrical tape was also located in a backpack that contained Michael’s clothes. This same electrical tape was wrapped around a small container that was found inside the orange bag that contained the narcotics found under the seat. Michael was later arrested for Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Possession of Controlled Substance x4, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Michael advised it was not a good birthday.


“It’s our responsibility to keep the community safe, and that means taking illegal drugs off the streets. If you need help with a drug problem, we have programs in place for that. Believe me, I’d rather you be able to celebrate your birthday safe (and sober) at home.”

— Sheriff Bill Prummell


If you have any information regarding illegal drug trafficking in your area, contact the non-emergency number at 941-639-0013 or send us an anonymous tip through the mobile app.

If you have a drug problem and you want to get help, turn in your user-amount of drugs to a deputy, no questions asked and without fear of arrest. (This option not available during an arrest.)


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