From the Desk of Sheriff Prummell

Can you believe it is October already?  This year has brought us many trials and tribulations.  We have been fraught with disease and civil unrest.  Our country divided.  Unfortunately, I cannot control what is happening around our country, but I can do my part here in Charlotte County to keep the peace and safety we have all come to enjoy.

It is important now more than ever that we as a community work together.  We do not always have to agree, but we need to come together, understand one another, and find common ground. We cannot allow our difference to tear us apart.   After all, we are all Americans and, in the end, I think we all want the same thing, peace and equality, a chance to prosper, and raise our families in safe neighborhoods.

What better time as we approach the holiday season.  We have a little fun with some ghosts and goblins.  Honor our veterans.  Give thanks.  Celebrate the Christmas season and welcome in the New Year!  And I think we are all looking forward to that.

As I said, what better time?  People tend to act differently, for the better, during the holidays.  Charlotte County has always been a giving and caring County, but much more so this time of year.  We should use that holiday spirit to come together as one community, one America. Holiday kindness and compassion year-round, unceasingly.

Have you ever really listened to the words to the song “My Grown Up Christmas List”?  Though they have always been appropriate, we need to strive to make it a reality now more than ever.  Ask yourself what will you do to make a positive difference in our community and in the life of another?

We can’t wait for Washington.  It’s on us, one community at a time.

Be Strong, Be Safe, and Never Quit!

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  1. Thanks for all you and all the fine folks at CCSO do for our community. You are very much appreciated as you all protect and serve.

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