From the Desk of Sheriff Prummell

Looking ahead to the next 4 years, I can honestly say that I believe we in Charlotte County are heading in the right direction. Crime trends are down almost across the board, and we have some great programs in place to target those areas where we are seeing some steady activity.

This year has certainly had its challenges, but it is amazing to see how our community rises above them. I mentioned in an earlier post that Charlotte County is the bar that others should strive to reach, and that could not be more accurate. Even throughout this difficult year, we have come together and lifted each other up to get through it all.

Despite the limited amount of opportunities to see you all face-to-face, my office has worked hard to maintain a high level of engagement. We have done this through our mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the Next Door app, and others. While social media isn’t the same as direct interaction, it is still a valuable tool for us and yet another way this agency is accessible to you. Additionally, the Senior Outreach Program was launched this year, which has provided us with another means of connecting with our community.

Please know that the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is here for you whenever you need us. Our agency is taking steps to be even more transparent with you regarding our policies and through the implementation of body-worn cameras in the next year. We will persevere in our efforts to catch criminals, prevent crime, reduce drug use and abuse, collaborate with community partners, and provide programs to better our county in every conceivable way.

I am honored to continue to serve as your Sheriff.

Stay strong – stay safe – and never quit.

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