Protecting your porch from porch pirates

From the desk of Sheriff Prummell-

Amid the giving season, many hit the stores in search of the perfect gift for the special people in their lives. This year may be a bit different with an influx of online shopping to allow for social distancing and to avoid exposure to COVID-19. With the increase of online sales, comes the increase of packages and the risk of falling victim to a porch pirate.

In order to keep your packages and presents safe, make sure you have selected a secure delivery method such as having packages delivered to your place of employment, Amazon lockers or the post office. You can also take advantage of store pick-up or ship to store options. This will keep packages from being unattended during working hours.

Video doorbells and outdoor security cameras are great options to better secure your home throughout the year, not just during the holidays. Another great way to deter package theft and strengthen neighborly relationships is to create a package pact. Neighbors keep an eye on your home, while you keep an eye on theirs!

Following these steps can decrease your odds of falling victim to a Grinch this holiday season. But if you ever find yourself missing a package after you’ve received a delivery notification, make sure to review your security footage, contact the retailer, reach out to neighbors, and file a police report. Filing a police report can increase awareness to the trend, as well as possibly help recoverng the items.

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