Englewood YouTuber Danny Duncan teams up with CCSO to gift woman raising grandchildren new car

Charlotte County, FL-

YouTube sensation Danny Duncan is known for his prank videos and hilarious merch but recently, Danny Duncan teamed up with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to spread a little holiday cheer.

Instead of tickets, CCSO deputies, to include Sheriff Bill Prummell, gifted random individuals $2,500. Duncan’s generosity began when they pulled over a woman who was having a rough year. “We wanted to make your Christmas a little bit brighter,” states the Sheriff before letting Duncan hand over the surprising envelope.

One of the most touching moments in the video is when Duncan and the deputies gift an older woman a new car. “We heard you were down on your luck here and you’re raising your grandkids,” the Sheriff explained to an older woman. “We think that’s a great thing and we wanted to bring a little sunshine to your Christmas.”

The woman’s gratitude was indisputable as she shed tears of joy alongside Danny Duncan.

The generosity our community has shown is undeniable. This year has been hard for all of us but some more than others. We are grateful to Danny Duncan, his generous spirit, and for giving back to our community.

Sheriff Bill Prummell

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