Reemployment Assistance Scams

We have learned that there have been some cases of people fraudulently filing for reemployment assistance. In these scams, individuals use a number of different methods to attempt to convince their “mark” to provide personal information or payment. In some cases, they already have the personal information and are applying for benefits under that person’s identity with the subject’s previous employer (for example, if John Doe used to work at Company X, they are applying as John Doe to receive benefits as if they worked for Company X). This makes it difficult to spot. Here are some tips if you are contacted by a scammer:

They may tell you that there is a fee to file a claim… There isn’t.

They may request your credit card number or social security number as part of the hiring process… It isn’t.

They may ask you to complete a survey, and after which, they’ll send you a payment… They won’t.

Please refer to the official Florida Reemployment Assistance websites if you are in need of their services. The appropriate websites are: or

“I have no patience for frauds. It is shameful that these scammers are now targeting people who are out of work, already down on their luck. When we find them, we will put a stop to it.”

–Sheriff Bill Prummell

Never provide any type of payment or personal information to anyone unless you are absolutely certain it is legitimate. If there is any question about it, don’t do it. Ask a trusted loved one to help you if you aren’t sure.

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