Charlotte County Jail to Offer IN2WORK Vocational Training Program

Effort Teaches Employable Retail Skills to Help Offenders Transition Back into Society

Charlotte County, Florida March 1, 2021 – The Charlotte County Jail has initiated a new Retail IN2Work program for inmates within the facility. Aramark’s IN2WORK program aims to help reduce repeat incarceration by helping offenders learn basic retail and warehousing functions, maintenance, management, and retail administration through a comprehensive curriculum of classroom and hands-on training. The new retail programming uses phased learning for Retail Basics, Management, and internship/job opportunities upon release. Students gain the knowledge and skills needed for the workplace and are provided resources to help secure employment post release.

Studies have shown that ex-offenders who have an education are 40% less likely to recidivate and that job training is responsible for a 20% decrease. To help build the necessary skills to be successful after paying their debt to society, the Charlotte County Jail is proud to offer Aramark’s IN2WORK program to those who are currently incarcerated in Charlotte County, Florida.

”The IN2WORK program is an opportunity to help build marketable job skills and self-esteem that can carry people into productive lives after their experience here,” said Sheriff Bill Prummell,  “It is our goal is to offer the program to both male and femaleoffenders at the facility.”

Students accepted into the program receive a certification from Strayer University upon completion. Once released, Aramark offers IN2WORK graduates an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to continue their education and jumpstart their career through exclusive access to the company’s employment portal, which provides resources to help the students secure employment.

“We have had the IN2WORK program in place for 10 years and it has continued to have a positive impact for the offenders who graduate, as well as and the larger community,” said Tim Barttrum, President of Aramark’s Correctional Services group. “It is our goal to help offenders start over with a number of resources, to return to society as rehabilitated, productive citizens to the community.”

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