Georgia man suspected of ingesting Narcotics, succumbs to injuries at local hospital

Charlotte County, FL-

On March 24, 2021 a member of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle exiting the Wawa parking lot located in Port Charlotte, Florida. The driver was unable to produce a valid driver’s license or vehicle registration. Utilizing a Georgia ID card, the driver was identified as Brandon H. Ballinger (04/24/1987). The passenger was identified as Krystle N. Sunbury Crammer (08/31/1990). After running their names through dispatch, it was learned that both occupants of the vehicle had warrants out of Georgia for Possession of Controlled Substance.

Within the vehicle, members located a torn baggie with suspected methamphetamine scattered along the seat. Additionally, members located suspected marijuana, two syringes, various drug paraphernalia, 16 pills identified as Quetiapibe Fumarate and two rabbits. 

Animal Control responded to take custody of the animals and both suspects were arrested and transported to the Charlotte County Jail.

Shortly after entering the jail facility, Ballinger was observed in his cell actively seizing. Jail staff immediately rendered aid while simultaneously alerting medical staff to respond. Medical professionals suspected that Ballinger had reacted to something ingested prior to arrest leading them to administer Narcan. Unfortunately, the Narcan was ineffective and Ballinger was transported to Punta Gorda Bayfront Hospital.  Upon admittance into Punta Gorda Bayfront lab results confirmed the presence of narcotics in his system.

It was determined that Ballinger was in critical condition and on March 25, 2021 was transferred to Bayfront Health Port Charlotte due to limitations at Punta Gorda Bayfront. 

On March 29th, after several days of medical interventions, Brandon H. Ballinger (04/24/1987) succumbed to his injuries. Next of kin was notified and the official cause of death will be determined by the Medical Examiner. Major Crimes detectives are investigating the case further.

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