Fatal shooting investigation on Euler Avenue continues

A 911 call was received just before 9pm on the night of March 31, 2021 advising a juvenile had been shot after an accidental discharge of a firearm. When deputies arrived on scene at 11041 Euler Avenue in Englewood, they located a juvenile victim in a bedroom badly injured due to a gunshot wound to her head.

Deputies and EMS immediately provided life-saving measures to the victim, but were ultimately unsuccessful. During the initial investigation, deputies spoke with the occupants of the home and determined that the weapon was accidentally discharged by a 17-year-old juvenile who is known, but unrelated to the victim.

In order to maintain the integrity of the investigation, as well as to protect the mental health and identity of all parties involved, the decision was made to let the investigation progress prior to any information being released. The family of the victim was notified immediately. The case has been forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office as a warrant request.

To clarify, the victims next of kin was immediately notified in person by supervisory members of the Major Crimes Unit.  Once the State Attorney’s Office completes their review, more information may be released. This is still an open and active investigation.

The identity of the victim will not be released due to Marsy’s Law.

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