First week of school traffic initiative

Charlotte County, FL- August 11, 2021

School Zone Sign

Throughout the first week of school, the Traffic Unit has been out conducting targeted initiatives focusing on safety and traffic laws within school zones. The first day of the initiative was conducted at Port Charlotte High School, Port Charlotte Middle School and Myakka River Elementary School and will cover additional schools as the week progresses.

On Tuesday, August 10, the Traffic Unit made 33 traffic stops, 30 warnings, and 14 citations. Port Charlotte Middle School required the most stops, with two of the highest speed infractions being 45 and 47mph within the 15 mph school zone.

We will continue aggressively enforcing the traffic laws in and around school zones and bus stops throughout the school year. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our children by educating the motoring public and enforcing our established traffic laws.

Remember, “hands free” areas are in school zones and construction zones.  The minimum fine is $30, but it doubles if you’re caught holding your phone while driving in these areas.  A second violation within five years carries a $60 fine and adds three points to your license.

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