‘Saturation Saturday’ & distracted driving initiative results released

Charlotte County, FL- September 2, 2021

Throughout the weekend of August 27-29th, the Traffic Unit worked diligently to make our roads a safer place for all by intently focusing on distracted driving and DUI offenses.

“We continue to see severe crashes throughout the county, most commonly caused by distracted driving. These results are from only one weekend and these citations could have absolutely been avoided by putting safety first.  My staff will continually enforce the traffic laws day in and day out with the safety of our roadways being vitally important. Drive safely, the life you save could be a loved one.”

Sheriff Prummell

Below are the results of that initiative:

Traffic Stops – 77
49 citations issued
32 warnings issued
10 Arrest ((2) NO DL, (3) DWLSR, and (5) DUI))
1 APAD* Issued – for Poss. of Marijuana

Traffic Stops for Texting – 14
Texting Citations – 12
Texting Warnings – 2

*(APAD stands for Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion)

On Saturday, August 28, there were several major crashes on I-75. While working and providing support to Florida Highway Patrol at the scene of these crashes, several stops were made. The citations for the following traffic stops are included in the above stats.

8 stops (traveling in the breakdown lane of I-75 when traffic was stopped for crash)

1 stop (driving the wrong way on exit ramp while traffic was stopped for crash)

Report reckless driving by dialing the non-emergency number at 941-639-0013.

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