Vehicle burglar found hiding in canal

Port Charlotte, FL – September 10, 2021

A man identified as Camren Michael McMullen was located hiding in a canal and arrested on several charges.

On September 9, a deputy was traveling near Bayshore Road and Parmely Street when he noticed a subject riding his bicycle without proper lighting and proceeded to make a traffic stop. The subject, identified as Camren McMullen, refused to stop and fled down a nearby road as the deputy turned around. Positioned in McMullen’s lap, the deputy noticed a black bag.

Moments after this incident, a vehicle burglary was reported in the same area on Laura Street. Road patrol deputies responded to the victim’s home where the victim stated that someone had gone into her locked vehicle through a malfunctioning window and removed her personal property. The personal property that the victim described matched the description of the black bag Camren McMullen had been holding just moments before. Camren McMullen was located hiding in a nearby canal during a neighborhood canvas.

The items inside the black bag located with McMullen were consistent with the items reported stolen from the vehicle burglary just blocks away.

Camren McMullen was arrested on the following charges:

  • Burglary of an unoccupied conveyance unarmed
  • LARC Petit theft 2nd degree 1st offence
  • Failure to stop vehicle as ordered by LEO

Bond is set at $11,000.

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