Port Charlotte Man Arrested After Jumping Gallery Railing During Wife’s Sentencing

Punta Gorda, FL – December 3, 2021

Deputies inside the courtroom had to deploy a taser after a Port Charlotte man jumped the gallery bar and attempted to make contact with the defendant, his wife.

Earlier today, a criminal sentencing proceeding was taking place at the Charlotte County Justice Center for Crystal A. Carrasquillo (4/11/97). Crystal was charged with Cruelty Towards a Child and Aggravated Child Abuse (1st degree felony). Several members of her family, to include her husband, Gregory A. Carrasquillo, were present in the courtroom.

Gregory A. Carrasquillo (2/3/84)

At one point during the proceedings, Gregory interrupted by standing up and requesting to speak with the judge. CCSO bailiffs asked Gregory to remain seated, and he complied.

Crystal was sentenced to serve 10 years in the Department of Corrections. As the judge read the sentence, Gregory stood up and jumped over the gallery bar, attempting to make contact with Crystal at the defendant’s table. Bailiffs intercepted and restrained Gregory, who proceeded to resist.

At that time, one of the deputies deployed their taser, successfully contacting Gregory on his lower body. Gregory then complied and was placed under arrest on one count of Resisting without Violence.

“Bailiffs play an important role in the courtroom throughout the administration of justice. They provide security not only to the judge, but to all parties in the room at all times. While I understand these proceedings can elicit an emotional response from loved ones, my bailiffs simply cannot allow an outburst of this kind. Their actions were swift, appropriate, and necessary to ensure the safety of everyone.”

– Sheriff Bill Prummell

At the time of this release, Gregory is still being processed at the Charlotte County Jail.

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