2 deputies involved in rollover accident, both physically unharmed

Update February 23, 2022

The deputies involved in this incident are Deputy Ryan DeGrasse and Deputy Michael Dailey. This incident is being fully investigated by a Crash Review Board and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Englewood, FL- February 22, 2022-

Two Charlotte County deputies were involved in a vehicle accident while responding to an emergency call of an individual laying in the roadway of the 4200 block of South Access Road in Englewood.

The emergency call was placed to dispatch at 8:37 this evening, reporting a potentially unresponsive subject lying in the roadway. Two deputies patrolling the Englewood area were dispatched to the scene. While responding with lights and sirens, the patrol vehicles collided at the intersection of Cervantes Street and South McCall Road. The impact caused one vehicle to rollover, and both landed in a nearby ditch. Thankfully, both deputies were unharmed and no community members were involved.

At this time, the exact cause of the collision is unknown. The Florida Highway Patrol has responded and is investigating the incident.

All agency involved vehicle accidents are investigated by a crash review board with the goal of safer roadways and enhanced awareness of procedures and training.

I’m extremely relieved that both deputies were unharmed. We have an entire team of dedicated members who devote their lives to creating a safer community. Oftentimes, just responding can be dangerous.

Sheriff Bill Prummell

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