Search Warrant Served on Pendleton Ave. in Englewood

May 17, 2022 – Englewood, FL

Deputies served a search warrant at an Englewood home, resulting in the arrest of Ryan James Gros (5/10/1979) on various drug charges.

Ryan James Gros (5/10/1979)

Early this morning, deputies executed a legal search warrant at 11231 Pendleton Ave., Apt. A, in Englewood. The investigation leading to this search stemmed from multiple overdose responses at the residence as well as various tips from the community.

Inside the home, deputies found Fentanyl, methamphetamine, and Trazadone (classified as a new legend drug), as well as an assortment of various paraphernalia.

“When my deputies are knocking on your door with a search warrant, it’s already too late. I would much rather help someone through my Drug Addiction Recovery Initiative than bring them to jail, but that isn’t up to me; it’s up to the individual to make the choice. Until they do ask for help, we’re going to keep busting the dealers and users in Charlotte County.”

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Additionally, Ryan is facing felony charges for Habitual Driving with License Suspended or Revoked.

Following the search, Gros was placed under arrest and taken to the Charlotte County Jail without incident.

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