Temporary 911 Replacement Lines

September 29, 2022 – Charlotte County, FL

Following the destruction of Hurricane Ian, many telephone lines are down throughout Charlotte County. In order to meet the needs of our residents, the Communications Center has begun utilizing cell phones to take emergency calls.

Please note that this is a temporary solution, and it does limit the capabilities of the operator. These numbers should be used for emergency situations only – meaning that it is a matter of life and death. Please continue to use the non-emergency line (941) 639-2101 for other matters.

The numbers are as follows:





“I want to emphasize that these numbers are only for emergency situations. As you might expect, we are being inundated with calls for service right now – but these lines are to be used only in matters where someone’s life is in imminent danger. I also want to commend my Communications team for their quick-thinking and adaptability to serve the people of Charlotte County.”

Sheriff Bill Prummell

We will update you once 911 lines are fully operational again.

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