A Message From Sheriff Prummell

Hurricane Ian has left the entire county in a bad way – no power, no water in many areas, roads flooded and traffic lights out, and homes destroyed. Some have lost their lives.

First responders and utility workers are working around the clock to rectify what we can as quickly as possible. The curfew that I implemented helps, but I would remind everyone that the roadways are still very dangerous. Please, if you don’t need to be on the road, stay home.

The next thing I want to address is that very few businesses have reopened. This leaves those closed businesses vulnerable to looting. If we see that happening, we will not hesitate to take action. The business owners, like everyone else, have been through enough – and I won’t stand for anyone taking advantage of someone else’s misfortune. If you see it happening, please report it. If it’s an emergency, dial 911, if it is a non-emergency, call (941) 833-4161.

Lastly, I want to highlight the sense of togetherness that I am seeing throughout the county, as well as from Governor DeSantis, Senator Rick Scott, Attorney General Ashley Moody, as well as so many members of our law enforcement family.  We are truly all in this together, and we will overcome these troubles. I know this is a frustrating and challenging time, but I believe we will come out stronger for it. Let’s continue to work together, help each other out, and show the world that Charlotte County is truly unbreakable.

Stay safe. Stay strong. And God bless Charlotte County.

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