Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Introduces New K9 Deputy, Bloodhound “Zoe”

September 27, 2023 – Charlotte County, FL

Earlier today, at the September new hire and awards ceremony, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office introduced the only four-legged new hire – a bloodhound named Zoe.

Zoe was born January 8, 2023 and is already scent-discriminate trained from Scent Evidence K9 in Tallahassee, FL. Through a grant, CCSO adopted Zoe on September 18, pairing her with Cpl. Steven Sella and her new K9 brother, Scar.

Today was Zoe’s official “swearing in” with the agency. She will be carrying on the legacy of her predecessor, K9 Copper, who passed away unexpectedly in August. “You can’t replace Copper”, Sella stated. “He was such a huge part of this agency, this community, and my life personally. Zoe is wonderful and I see her doing great things, just as he did, and building her own reputation among our community.”

Sheriff Prummell echoed that sentiment from Cpl. Sella and emphasized Charlotte County’s need for the service that only a bloodhound can provide.

“We recognize the unique ability of a bloodhound and what that means to the people of this community. I am grateful that we are able to continue providing this service, and I know that Zoe will win the hearts of Charlotte County just as quickly as Copper did. She’s a special girl, and I expect her and Cpl. Sella to be leading the way in reuniting missing loved ones with their families very quickly.”

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Zoe and Cpl. Sella will be the primary responders for lost or missing loved ones with a tendency to wander. Utilizing the DNA scent kits, the duo will be able to track the person from a clean scent article kept at their home. To learn more about DNA scent kits and other programs provided by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, contact Community Affairs at


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