Boat Theft Prevention

Surrounding counties are seeing an increase in boat motor thefts. We encourage our residents to be vigilant and report any unusual activities they observe at the time they occur.
Vessels running without lights, carrying multiple large containers on deck or loitering in the areas of residential docks and public marinas are of interest, especially in the late night and early morning hours.
Contact 941-639-0013 to report suspicious activity immediately.
The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office recommends the following practices to make your vessel a hard target for criminals.
•Record all of your boat’s information such as serial numbers, ID codes, and HIN. Take photos, and mark your property with a unique code, such as your house number.
•Install an alarm system designed for the marine environment – criminals don’t like to make noise or attract attention. Dock lights triggered by motion are an inexpensive means to deter theft.
•Secure your vessel. Lock the boat and ignition system, and keep your key in your residence.
•Don’t forget to check your security measures to ensure they are working, and also take this time around the summer to double check your insurance policies and confirm you have coverage.

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