Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team Recognized by Florida SWAT Association

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team was recently honored for excellence at the SWAT Round-Up International hosted by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office training facility in Orlando, Florida in November.


trophyeditedThe Florida Sheriff’s Association(FSA) presented the CCSO SWAT Team with the Presidential Award. Every year the Florida Sheriff’s Association chooses one team from Florida that demonstrates excellence, team unity, and esprit de corps to honor with this award.


The week-long event show-cased special operations teams from Hungary, Sweden, Jamaica, and Brazil, along with competitors around the state of Florida and across the United States.

SWAT teams from law enforcement agencies both nationally and international competed in events that challenged individuals and teams alike. The annual SWAT Round-up International combines education and training with head-to-head competition.

SWAT members routinely rely on their skills, training, physical and mental sharpness, and an elevated level of teamwork to safely defuse dangerous situations such as warrants; as well as apprehending heavily- armed criminals.

We commend our SWAT team on a job well done as well as demonstrating the training, skills, and teamwork that exemplifies success.

Additional photos can be found on Facebook.

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