Juvenile Arrested for School Disruption at Port Charlotte High School

A student at Port Charlotte High School was arrested this afternoon for Disruption of a School Function. On January 26th at approximately 8:00am, a teacher on campus advised the School Resource Officer that a public WiFi network labeled with a bomb threat directed at the school was showing on her laptop as an available network.

The School Resource Officer, DFC Beasley, made contact with the school’s IT department and traced the open hotspot to a specific building. The team was eventually able to link it to a phone number, which led to the identification of the juvenile student in possession of the hotspot. The owner of the phone identified another student as the suspect who altered the label of the hotspot with a bomb threat. The suspect, later arrested, provided statements to law enforcement post-Miranda regarding the hotspot and the threat.

Upon reviewing the evidence and statements obtained it was determined that the juvenile did not at any time have the intent to bomb or cause any harm to Port Charlotte High School or its occupants. In additional, at no time did the juvenile have the ability to carry out the suspected threat.

The juvenile did knowingly disrupt or interfere with the lawful administration or function of any educational institution and violation Florida State Statute 877.13(1a). The juvenile was arrested and charged accordingly.

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