Multiple Charges for Suspect in Domestic Disturbance

A suspect is in custody today on multiple charges, including Attempted Murder, after Deputies responded to the 41000 block of Cook Brown Road in Punta Gorda for a domestic disturbance.

At approximately 11:00pm on Monday evening, deputies responded to a reported domestic disturbance on Cook Brown Road. The victim advised 911 dispatcher that Joshua Tanner (07/24/74) was attempting to enter her camper.

While on the phone with Charlotte County Communications, she further reported that he hooked the camper up to his truck and was towing her away from her location. She continued to update the dispatcher with information as her camper was moving. The victim reported the camper stopped after a short period, at which time she observed Joshua Tanner pouring a liquid all around the camper. She reported smelling gasoline at that time and observed small flames at her back window. She heard two gunshots, which she believed were directed at her camper. After the gunshots she observed red and blue emergency lights approaching the camper, and saw Joshua Tanner drive away in the black Ford Escape.

The first deputy on scene located the black Ford Escape driving away from the camper through an open field. The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle using his emergency lights, but the vehicle continued to flee, eventually coming to a stop near a wooded area. After the vehicle came to a stop, a white male exited and fled from the vehicle on foot into the woods.

CCSO Canine and Aviation responded to the scene to track the suspect. He was successfully located and apprehended using the helicopter’s FLIR system. The suspect was then identified as Joshua Tanner and secured for further investigation.

Detectives observed the camper had a fresh ring of gasoline around it, and saw a burnt stick near the exterior of the gasoline circle. Freshly emptied gasoline containers were located at the scene, and a lighter was located on Tanner’s person.

Joshua Tanner was placed under arrest and charged with Attempted Felony Murder, Kidnapping, and Fleeing to Elude.

*Booking Photo Not Available at Time of Release*

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