Aware of a threat or suspicious behavior? Report it!

As a result of the tragic school shooting that unfolded at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County last week, many students are reacting, and with good cause. Many of our students are hearing rumors of potential or pending violence that may happen in our schools and they are perpetuating those rumors on various social media platforms. These actions are creating consternation and concern among students, school administrators and parents alike.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has always encouraged our citizens to report crime or suspicious activity. This relationship is what distinguishes our great community from many others throughout the nation.  Sheriff Bill Prummell and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office strongly encourage you to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity, however we ask you to report such activities and/ or threats of violence to law enforcement, school personnel or to responsible adults. Please be assured we will investigate all such reports.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping our children safe while at school. Please assist us in this endeavor by being responsible and ensuring suspicious or concerning behavior is reported to the proper authorities.

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