Suspect Steals Boat, Runs Aground on Sandbar; Rescued and Arrested by Deputies

At approximately 7:00am on March 29, a resident from the 2000 block of Pine Street in Englewood called the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to report that his 23′ Big Bay Parker vessel was missing from his dock. Approximately 30 minutes later, other boaters in the area advised the victim that there was a boat stuck on a sandbar near Stump Pass Marina. Via photos from the witnesses, the victim confirmed it was his vessel.

Witness’s boats, along with a boat commandeered by a CCSO Deputy, approach suspect Donohew (bottom left corner, in the water)

The witnesses observed a male, later identified as Adam Bruce Donohew (12/29/82) of North Port, attempting to free the boat. The witnesses stayed at a distance in the area until law enforcement arrived and took Donohew into custody. Donohew reported being in the water for several hours, so he was transported to the hospital.

It was later learned that three boats located at the Freedom Boat Club, 2002 Placida Road, showed evidence of tampering consistent with attempted theft, such as damaged ignition systems and cut wires. The boats were also untied. An additional boat at 2022 Placida Road (Mack Law Firm) was damaged in an attempted theft. The boat, normally up on a lift, was observed by the owner in the water with a damaged ignition, motor trimmed down, and the battery on.

Adam Donohew

Detectives made contact with Adam Donohew at the hospital, where he provided a statement post-Miranda. During this conversation, Detectives also learned that Donohew was on house arrest and was not wearing his court-ordered ankle monitor.

Upon his medical clearance, Donohew was arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Violation of Probation.

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