Bicycle Theft Prevention

The weather is perfect to be outdoors! As you pull your bicycle out of the garage now that winter is past, it is a great time to review some good practices for theft prevention so you can enjoy your rides.

Most thieves are opportunists, so the easiest way to defeat them is making your bike hard to steal. In the vast majority of bicycle thefts, bikes were unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with inadequate devices such as lightweight cables. You should always carry a secure lock whenever you plan to leave your bike unattended. Always lock your bicycle through its frame and both wheels to an approved bicycle parking rack, preferably one with a thick frame. Lock all free parts of the bicycle or take them with you – nothing is worse than returning to a frame with one wheel…or just the wheel and no frame.

Another step in properly locking up your bicycle is choosing a location, balancing protection and visibility. Use dedicated bike parking or a commercial parking area, as those areas are likely to have foot traffic by honest people. These locations will not afford a thief much opportunity to work on breaking a lock. Also, use your lock at home. If you have an open garage or carport, your bicycle is still at risk of theft.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office offers bicycle registration, making a lost or stolen bicycle easier to identify. Registering your bicycle is an easy way to ensure you will have all the pertinent information needed for law enforcement if you ever need to report it stolen.

Following these simple recommendations will help ensure you are able to enjoy cycling through Florida without falling victim to theft. Enjoy the spring weather!

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