Alert Citizen Calls in Suspicious Activity; Suspect Arrested for Burglary

An alert citizen called in suspicious activity on April 14, leading to the discovery of a burglary in progress and the arrest of Cole David Wilson (5/23/99).

At approximately 8:40pm, deputies responded to a residence on Stonecrop Avenue in Englewood after the caller reported seeing two subjects break into the rear of the home.

Wilson, Cole
Cole David Wilson

When deputies arrived to the residence, flashlights beams were observed from the windows, and voices could be heard coming from inside. The deputy at the front of the residence knocked at the front door, observing a male peek through a small window and then run towards the back of the house. The male exited the rear of the house and attempted to flee. A perimeter had been set around the house prior to his exit, and he was taken into custody by a member of the Canine Unit. Once he was secured, the homeowner was contacted by phone, and it was confirmed that no one had permission to be inside the residence.

The male was identified as Cole Wilson. Two backpacks were located inside the residence, one containing identification for Wilson. Further investigation led Detectives to a female companion (juvenile) who had accompanied Wilson into the residence. She provided a statement, advising that Wilson led her to believe he lived at the residence, and that during the course of the burglary he armed himself with the resident’s shotgun by removing it from a closet.

Cole Wilson was charged with Burglary of a Dwelling While Armed, Trespass in a Structure While Armed, and Resisting an Officer without Violence. He was transported to the Charlotte County Jail.

This is an excellent example of a community member reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhood. (941) 639-0013 is our non-emergency number, answered 24 hours a day by a dispatcher who can send a deputy to check out the information.

REMEMBER- If you observe something unusual or think something looks wrong, report it. Our safe community is a partnership between all members, those with a badge and without.

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