Registering Your Alarm in Charlotte County

More than 95% of the intrusion alarms received within Charlotte County are false. Responding to preventable false alarms presents a serious threat to the effectiveness of our Sheriff’s Office and the safety of County citizens. False alarms are costly and dangerous because they divert deputies from proactive crime prevention efforts and delay responses to calls that may be true emergencies.

In an effort to eliminate false intrusion alarms, the Charlotte County Board of Commissioners amended Charlotte County Code Chapter 2-5, Article VI, requiring the registration of security alarm systems and penalizing owners of alarm systems that generate multiple false alarms. The amendment to the County Code benefits the public by:

  • Placing the cost of responding to repeated false alarms on the user
  • Reducing the number of false alarms
  • Reducing the disturbance caused to others by false alarms, especially in residential neighborhoods
  • Reducing the time deputies spend responding to false alarms
  • Encouraging users and alarm monitoring companies to better maintain their systems, resulting in better security and fewer false alarms

There is a one-time registration fee of $25, this registration fee is non-transferable and must be paid with a check or money order, and cash will not be accepted. After completion of the initial registration, if a deputy is called to your home or business due activation of your alarm and the call is found to be a false alarm a $10 renewal fee will be due at the end of your 12 month registration period. If you there aren’t any false alarms within your registration period (12 months from your initial registration), your account will renew automatically without any fees being due.

Per county ordinance, each alarm owner is allotted two warnings for the first two false alarms as well a third warning if you successfully complete the False Alarm Prevention Quiz.

View The Alarm Ordinance

Download The Alarm Registration Form

**Businesses or residences within the incorporated city limits of Punta Gorda are exempt from the County ordinance.**

Still have questions? Check our our ALARM FAQ PAGE at or contact our Alarm Coordinator at 941-575-5284 or via email at

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