Florida Commission on Offender Review Holds Hearings at Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

The Florida Commission on Offender Review (FCOOR) held hearings today at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters on Utilities Road in Punta Gorda. Commissioners preside over approximately 36 hearings annually at the Central Office in Tallahassee and various other locations throughout the state as required by statute. During these public proceedings, the Commissioners make a variety of determinations regarding parole and other releases. In addition, the Commission reviews releasees’ supervision status every two years.

Relatives of an inmate speak on his behalf during a hearing.

Every parole-eligible inmate has a constitutionally protected right to proper consideration for parole, and these proceedings must be conducted as required by law. In both parole and conditional medical release, testimony and pertinent information may be provided by representatives of the inmate, the inmate’s family, by persons who were victims of the crime, and the victim’s family. The Commissioners may also hear from law enforcement, state and private attorneys, as well as other interested parties.

During hearings, the Commission also conducts other types of proceedings, such as imposing conditions of conditional release or addiction recovery supervision. The Commission makes final determinations with regard to revocation of post release supervision, where a releasee may have violated the conditions of their release. When the Commission determines that the releasee is guilty of a willful and substantial violation, the Commission may order the violator returned to state prison to complete service of the original term of imprisonment.

A total of 41 hearings were held today, bringing in a total of 116 visitors to the agency. Representatives from local government attended the hearings, as well as members of the State Attorney’s Office and the Fraternal Order of Police.

(L-R Back Row) – Sgt. Terry Cochran (CCSO),  DFC Thomas Laux (CCSO), Commissioner David A. Wyant, Commission Chair Melinda N. Coonrod, Commissioner Richard D. Davison, Charlotte County Commissioner Bill Truex, CDFC Jose Ortiz-Cruz (CCSO)    (L-R Front Row) Honorable George Richards, Circuit Court Judge and  Richard Montecalvo, Deputy Chief Assistant State Attorney


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