Vehicle Burglar Caught During Theft by Victim and Responding Deputies

“You can’t take things you need off of someone’s else truck – even if you are pushing a Walmart cart. That is not how shopping works.”  – unknown source of logic

On June 16, Robert Saletnik (our victim) returned to the Pilot Gas Station on Jones Loop Road after parking his Semi Truck at the location a few days prior. He was disappointed when his truck wouldn’t start, and then shocked to observe that all four of his batteries had been stolen.

1806-009373_pic_Burglary (2)Robert entered the Pilot store to speak to the clerk on duty, who advised they saw a man pushing a shopping cart containing four batteries around the parking lot of the business a few minutes earlier. Robert located the suspect, Anthony Kochanowski, outside of the store. Kochanowski was still in possession of the batteries and a brief confrontation ensued, at which time deputies were called to the scene.

Anthony Kochonowski

While Robert was speaking to dispatchers, Kochanowski began to flee the scene towards Walmart with a small bag containing tools (believed to be used in the burglary). Robert followed him at a safe distance, and deputies arrived in time to apprehend Kochanowski in the Walmart parking lot.

Kochanowski was arrested and charged with Burglary of an Unoccupied Conveyance, Grand Theft, and Possession of Burglary tools.

Alert and observant staff, helpful witnesses, and a quick-thinking victim led to the quick arrest of this suspect. A safe community is a team effort!
If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, never hesitate to call our non-emergency number to alert law enforcement. Consider saving it into your phone so you have it when you need it – (941) 639-0013. 


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