Undercover Investigation Leads to Prostitution Arrest at Local Massage Parlor

Detectives with the Special Investigations Unit arrested an employee of Taiji Massage in Port Charlotte on Wednesday for prostitution.  The arrest concluded an investigation conducted over several weeks into the business, stemming from several online tips about illegal activity.

On June 21, an undercover Detective entered the Taiji Massage Parlor, located at 2826 Tamimai Trail, as part of the operation. The Detective was greeted by an Asian female, later identified as Shumei Xu (DOB 9/1/73). The Detective and Xu agreed on a 30 minute massage for $50. Xu began the massage with the detective laying on his chest, requesting that he roll over shortly after beginning. Xu then asked the Detective if he “wanted more”, engaging him in a conversation about more money. Xu then made physical motions indicating she would provide oral sex for an additional $200. Xu exited the room briefly and returned with clear plastic material and immediately attempted to remove the Detective’s underwear.

The Detective stopped her actions and advised her changed his mind, at which time he alerted the rest of the investigative team that a deal was completed. The take down team entered the front door of the business and announced, “Sheriff’s Office!” The door to give access to the back area of the business was breached as it was locked. The team entered and saw the back door of the business swing closed. It was determined that Shumei Xu fled the building upon the “Sheriff’s Office” announcement.

Shumei Xu was located walking two streets behind the business on Linton Lane. Xu again ran when she saw law enforcement, but complied after the Detective exited his vehicle and gave several commands to stop. Shumei Xu was arrested and charged with Prostitution and Resisting an Officer w/out Violence.

The investigation also encompassed ensuring that the criminal activity occurring at the establishment is not a result of human trafficking. Shumei Xu denied being a victim of Human Trafficking to investigators, however a representative of the Wayne Foundation was also contacted to further evaluate Xu at the jail. 

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  1. ccso is so mtf petty…they got this over populated staff wich is mainly family members and friends …so many cops you would think this was new york city…s.m.h ..so they target people innocent hard working people with crap like you pullef to far on the line at da stop sign …jail is full of junkies wich are mainly c.i ..who telling on each othe …wat a joke

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